Colección: Summer Care Collection ( Help those in need)

3 ea  8-oz. Nestle® Pure Life® Water Bottles 
4 ea 3-oz. Boxes of Brunswick® Chicken Salad with Crackers 
4 ea 3-oz. Boxes of Brunswick® Tuna Salad with Crackers 
3 Bags 0.625-oz. Bags of Jack Links® Original Beef Jerky 
1ea  1.8-oz. Sticks of Speed Stick® Irish Spring® Original Deodorant 
1 ea  3-ct. Packs of Toothbrushes with Travel Cases 
1 ea  2.9-oz. Tubes Crest® Tartar Protection Toothpaste                                                        1 ea  12x9.5-in.  Backpack   
1 ea  8-oz. bottle of Xtra Care® Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
                ( Some item's may differ by brand or packages.)
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  • Summer Care Packages for those in need. (Ukraine)
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